Just Rs. 3000 can change a life!

Give India is a NGO which promotes different social causes… It is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice. Some causes that you can support are

  • Educate a street child for one year
  • Take care of a poor elderly couple for one year
  • Support a women’s self-help group for one year
  • Provide physiotherapy for one month to a poor disabled person
  • Help a poor handloom weaver by upgrading his loom
  • Feed 30 tribal children a nutritious meal for one month

All these stated causes is possible for just Rs 3000..




On that day

On that day, a lot of emotions engulfs the hearts

Happiness and tears sharing its equal parts

On that day, a new relationship has born

On that day, a swarm of people come flocking to meet

On that day, huddles of gifts and wishes are piled to greet  

On that day, sparkling colours and grandeur permeates a lot

On that day, tasty delicacies  adhere to what the  taste buds sought

Sherwanis, Lehangas, Dhotis and Silk Sarees

Adams and Eves look best to the T

Conversations, Chuckles, Chit chat and lasting talks

Excitement and Entertainment brimming in the scene

On that day, musical instruments compete for its attention

Moving Palanquins making proud of its creation

On that day, all eyes are on the hero and the heroine

On that day, she exhibits an added flavour of feminity

On that day, he showing the macho latent in him

On that day, the knot witnesses its inherent beauty

On that day, the guy and the gal get into the wedlock.

This is what happens in front of the scene.The back scene affairs need to be highlighted

  • Exorbitant rates of Marriage halls running into time cost in lakhs
  • Decorations all over the place leaving no space in wall left unnoticed
  • Expensive clothes having no space to look at the fabric being decorated with lot of gimmicks
  • Foot wear of brides having sparkling gold plated accessories costing more than 10 grants
  • Gold plated Ganesha gifts of acknowledgements for members attending the occassion
  • 2 floors of huge array of delecacies  representing each state in all time zones — A way of national integrity?
  • Number of dishes directly proportional to the number of dustbins to carry wastages — Not referring to used plates , used dishes getting wasted.

Just for that day, should the spend go beyond the wallet ?should investments be diluted ?should to-be -more appreciated lands be sold ?should loans join in to be a perennial family member? and should finally should the family liability sheet need to increase ?

For people who need not do any of the above actions , should there still be a requirement of expensive wedddings ?

Cannot the money be spent in a more useful manner ?

Help me to help you

Monday morning. The clock strikes 8.45 am… Oops so many things yet to be done before leaving to office. Yet to iron the clothes, have breakfast, pack the office bags, organize the lunch bags, check if wallet has sufficient bucks etc etc..

Most of us would be into such helm of thoughts typically on a working day. To add to the last straw to the hat would be honking cars, sea of heads popping up from two wheelers, ahoo ahooo (cough) at the smoke generously coming out from autos..The thought that runs most of the time in my mind is that I spend more time waiting on the roads with my vehicle rather than moving on…Wheel the biggest invention of the world gets into my nerves seeing the reach to its wings…Name a person and he has a vehicle..Yes it is undeniably an inevitable possession…Happy that the purchasing power of people have increasedReally sad that people do not take that step to see how best they could make use of…

Let me take the liberty of asking few questions

  •   How many 4 wheelers do you get to see every day while going to office?
  •  How many 4 wheelers have more than one passenger?

Most of our answers would be Q1 being inversely proportional to Q2… Hey, let me make that simple… There are many people who have cars but they all love themselves so much that they only travel in the car… He may wave to his neighbour and say a big hello in another car almost travelling to three fourths of his distance. The two would wave at each other every day as though they are great friends…Then why cant such great friends also do much more talking than just saying a hello by getting into one car?Blog

  • How many  of us take our vehicles to office everyday ?
  •  How many of us know some one who also needs to travel to the same place /through the same direction?
  •  How many of us get the groups together to travel together ?



Do you know ?

– A small car emits around .59 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile
– A medium car emits around 1.1 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile
– An SUV/4 wheel emits around 1.57 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile

 What do we get to gain ?

  • Lesser number of vehicles leading to less noice , smoke and people pollution
  • Reduces virtual expenses on owning a car
  • Reduces stress levels fighting traffic
  • Reduces need for parking
  • Reduces ahooo ahooo (caughs ) and sneezes due to smoke emission
  • On a lighter note one can also extend conversations more than a hello by travelling together
  • Finally ,  we also get to answer our Mother Earth  ! 

One more reason to be @leh -Magnetic Hill-

Yeah, the way the word suggests the hill has magnetic  property where its effect is shown to  pull cars uphill.. It’s also said that the hill has strong enough force for aircrafts aiding them increase the altitude .

This is considered to be as a wonder of the world and is located at Leh-kargil-baltik national highway, about 30 kms from Leh. One can experience the magnetic power of the hill..

Plan your vacation to leh –ladakh and there you have the magnetic hill to experience the wonder

 * There is a board in the magnetic hill mentioning to place your vehicle on a specific spot

Magnetic Hill

* Notice that board and place your vehicle on that spot

*Switch off your vehicle and you will notice the wonder

* The vehicle defying the logic of fuel needed for its motion ,would climb up the hill ..Yes its a wonder of this world

Infact it is also seen that people experience jerks in aircrafts flying above the magnetic hill

There are lot of videos available in you -tube ..One such to get the feel of the hill

Do you adopt the concept of adoption ?

Having heard the muttering voice in the last post would like to take adoption as a topic by itself

  There are different view points on the same… For people who are open to the concept they have crossed in themselves million dollar questions, dilemmas, the cause effect reasoning etc… Finally they decide to go with the inner voice to bring home their bundle of joy. It’s definitely a pertinent decision as it imbibes an inherent responsibility…This responsibility though comes under the roof of parenthood, it has its own flavours to offer…So if to explore what all would go in a couple’s mind before they decide to adopt , here are some questions to represent tat gamut list

  • Is the decision impulsive or an inner desire?
  • Is there a consensus in the thought process of the to-be mom and dad?
  • How do they want to handle their defined society, relatives and friends?   (Amongst the list am sure the latter is the most easy to handle)
  • If they have a biological child, how do they need to keep him /her prepared for the next entry?
  • Will the other members staying in the same house as they do accept the entry ?
  •  Will they shower the same love and affection?
  •  Will they adopt the same carrot and stick policy?            
  •  Will they extend the same liberty?
  •  Will they over all be proud of the innocent nuances of the adopted kids’ accomplishments? as they would for any other little one in the family
  •  Should they at any point of time let know about its roots to the adopted child?
  • If yes, when do they unfold the stream of events?
  • If no, and the child comes to know through some means? Will the child not feel let down?
  • If yes, will not the child want to meet his/her biological parents?
  • If yes , how do they handle it ?

 …… The list goes on …as it unfolds some other dimension while answering one iota of its million dollar questions’ reach…

 The analytical part of my brain has contributed to all these above questions… Some may have a vivid answer, some hazy solutions; some remain as questionable questions… Just like in any decision we cannot have a full proof surety, so is the same with adoption too…

 Day in and day out we do see number of orphanages reaching out to people in a social cause..The orphanages for the stranded ones are welcomable… An orphan child is in all ways a normal child having all small small desires…Small desires and small incidents make our lives in many ways…Most of us have experienced many a gestures that was so easily available in a platter

  • Macho drives in the front seat of our dad’s bikes at our choice
  • Tasty dishes of our choice.. (many a times I wonder why home food is much much tastier than hotel food , my mind says hygine , my heart says its got my moms love)
  • Diwali celebrations with new clothes , sooper dooper crackers , wide array of sweets of our choice
  • School of our parents choice forming the backbone of our growing up
  • Career of our choice forming the basis of our bread and butter

The list of our choices has and will be endless as we obtain one and look for the other..Law of diminishing marginal utility does not seem to fully work in man’s needs..Our lives have been fully evolved with choices and dreams where there are muttering voices around us for being an orphan… Do we just end thanking God for what we are?

 Mandatory leave for adoptive parents?A recent article in Times


 Couples who go with their inner desire need not necessarily answer all the probable maze of questions…Some may continue to be a mirage… The conviction of the inner self makes them take that mileage to make a difference.

 The tender voice of the child muttering its loneliness gets etched into those hearts that they take the decision to experience parenthood and expand the family tree’s branches.

Will the mutter meet the rejoice?


I know not how I was born

Was it at dusk or morn?

I know not when is my birthdate 

Should I call this fate or nature’s dictate?

I call myself a lad having survived seven years of age

Having none to acknowledge

Fantasize myself as a bud in a family tree

Awaiting all its branches to see

In theory it begins with mom and dad   Happy famil

In my lives reality, its ignorance makes me sad

I want to mingle with people around

Alas, I fumble when people surround

The pendulum of my thoughts keeps oscillating

With a gushing force in me apprehending

“Whom do I belong to?” a phrase always echoing in my life

Have always been a failure in solving that strife

Never been able to voice my feeling

The moment it starts it keeps dwindling

Have tried putting my string of thoughts together

To let know someone that I want to be their son

Promising that mama to never let her down

This relation would remove all the crevices in my heart

Will never feel in this roving world to be apart

Yes, The feeling of being an orphan will enter never

Mama, “shall be your son for that moment forever”

Papa, “want to see that strength and valour in you”

And forget about the trepidation in which I grew

Nature let this reach the ear chords of a parent

Would be glorified if they remove my inner ailment

                                                                                  – Muttering voice at one end

We would like to invite you to join us celebrate the entry of our child, Dhruv..Diya his sister joins along with us welcoming you to join the celebration .. Dhruv adopted us as his mama and papa last Wednesday..We once again request your august presence to celebrate our parenthood

                                                                          -Rejoicing Invite at another end

 Happy family2

This was one invite that really moved me ..Diya was the parents biological child and the new entry dhruv an adopted one .. The way the invite reads gave a complete new flavour to the concept of adoption..Entry of dhruv is considered as a gift to them , an ordained second parenthood

The emotional pulse of this parent conveys a specaial message          “Its not the event that matters , its how its intended makes a world of difference”

A new meaning given to the word adoption beyond the Oxford..


Obama’s Reach

Obama‘s Reach 

 Kudos to Obama to continue the legacy left by Bush in celebrating Diwali.The personal touch that was a lacuna in Bush’s celebrations is now made good by Obama where he has personally attended the White House Diwali Celebration envisaging to be the first ever time event in the history ..On the contrary in Bush’s regime, the political principal was among the highest ranking official to attend the celebration .


The news today was pretty globalisingly scintillating to see a pandit chant the Gayathri Mantra with his dhothi and tilak while Obama with a  grin lights the diya in his formal attire

Check: – http://www.indianexpress.com/news/great-obama/529346/#

Obama has also spoken about the familiarity with the culture and cusine of the sub continent.. The promising man also on a lighter note mentioned on his culinary know how in Daal preparation :-)According to one of  the recent statistics, estimated number of Hindus in the Unites States is around 1 million… Diwali being one of the most celebrated Hindu Festivals, the president’s personal visit for celebrations is indeed laudable .

On another note Obama is also a staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman and always holds a Hanuman locket with him…This was brought to the press forum during elections.. Some may call it Polictical gimmick…I would like to belong to the segment that says

 “We believe in the change!”

Check : http://www.mypopkorn.com/news/barack-obama-a-staunch-hanuman-devotee.html

Probably if we all look closely at his snaps, we may find a Hanuman Chalisa hiding beatifically behind the confidential documents too …lol

They sacrfice for our today

Yeah.. Yeah I do know it has been a long long long time that I have last blogged..If you do think that I was busy with changes in status; student to professional (not sure tats wat the company calls us), Class presentations to office decks, Pocket money to EMI payments, Miss to Mrs, blame silence in vasutalkies on laziness, not busyness.

I belong like many others to a genre to get inspired, motivated, kindled in spirit to gear up the buoyancy in me to make my mind and pen meet together..This has been one surge of emotions in me and thought would immediately re- witness my pen to be mightier than the sword ..Have seen different professions that have engulfed me with the respect, uniqueness and the inherent noble nature they borne…

The inspirational bag (will call it MIB, my inspirational bag) has seen its stalks of different persons, incidents, experiences, professions and what not… It is as old as me having seen different entities and has grown right from the coccon stage..

MIB’s stalk of profession has its maiden entry as teaching for its creation of tomorrow’s perspective. Yes I owe my thought process to the teachers who have facilitated in that journey. The next one was medicine for its dedication in keeping lives intact. “Thanks a million” is just a simple phrase to all the doctors who have played a vital role in my life and in my dear ones lives.. MIB has now whirled its wings to another profession, the army profession.. Had been on a vacation to Leh where I had gotten to see a glimpse of their lives .. Many a times known knowns in lives get authenticated when eyes and thoughts merge with each other ..Such was the congruence in this trip.. The congruence of Indus and Zanskar river was what I had seen with the inner congruence in me of what I have known and what I felt commendably proud about..Yeah our Jawans who work selflessly to make our today as normal as possible is some one whom we really need to be proud about.

The unity, the camaraderie ,selflessness, dedication and discipline the jawans exhibit gives me goose bumps lingering for longer time than I have ever seen

Indian army

 > Irrespective of the cast, creed ,religion and state they belong to they perform their duties in unison

>The common goal and country’s security is ingrained in them on the onset of this profession and gets habituated over the years.. The habit that I have in me is to see if my house security is intact all these years ..

>Family at another place, war time unsurety of life, never echoes despondency or “shall I quit” attitude..

>Be it 50 degrees Celsius or be in minus 5 degrees Celsuis, place of posting is treated as their home town when it comes to duty

>4.30 am I wld be in the last most tranquil stage of deep  sleep. In the contrary the day has already begun for the jawans

> If I imagine a hypothetical war period ,I know and see what my family is upto at home , where most of the jawans are in the battle field..They know not what their family is upto at that time but toil for  the security of all families in the nation

This exhilarating profession makes me like most of the humans prostrate in front of them for all that it contains..



 There should be a program part of every educational curriculum to join the army and serve for a minimum period. Things when made compulsory work better in our country. If humungous effort is put by the government to made education up to one level compulsory , joining army atleast for a minimum periond should equally be made mandatory ..

Its comfortable to be on the receiving end and proud to be on the giving end..

 What if all of us are made to feel tat proud phase of being in the army in our lives for atleast a minimum period ?

 What if we made to be on the giving end ? The giving end of security and peace.. 

Leaving this question open ended for you to ponder …

If I need to answer,

Let the need for that moment in me just not be a youthful fantasy but a perpetual desire till I convert it to reality ..

Before I end the voice of MIB, there is this Indian Jawan’s phrase that I had would like to share

 “If I die in the battle zone, put me in a box and send me home

  Pin my medals on my chest; tell my mom I did my best ..

Jai Hind

Feel Good Factor of My life !!!

April 19 th 2006 stepped into her frontier as a stranger

Days passed by and months passed by

Realised ,She has left an enthralling impact …

She was responsible for me to meet aliens

She was responsible for me to build bonded relations 🙂

Every morning , she will have 162 daffodils  called crusaders swarming in

Her vocal chords was their Morning Hi’s chuckling here n there

Not huge in her size , but she was magnanimous for the daffodils to connect with each other

At one sight , Yes the 162 swaying in happiness cld be simply seen ..

She was the place for whirlpool of sweet memories …

Bithday parties

Class room fun

After Class conversations( in the pretext of Projects) 🙂

Munchy noodles n Hot sandwidches in Canteen

Teasing sprees through out

Exam preparations

Yawns in Lake Veernanam  🙂

Work in Huddle

Presentations in Seminar Hall

Bags  hidden in Lake Michigan 🙂

Fav programmes in Media Room 🙂

Movies n World Cup together

Rocking Rocky in Lake superior 🙂

Commitee Meets  in Lake Manasarowar

Fitness Freaks in Gymn

Knowledge builders in Library

Munching Peanuts near the gate

Music Sessions vibrating in the reception 🙂

Yes ..There she stands as a simple yet majectic  structure in 24 South Mada street , Sri Nagar Colony , Saidapet

Was solely responsible for capturing the pulsation of Happy emotions amongst all the crusaders 🙂

Never had a feeling that her space was a constarint !!!! Coz we were all simply brimming with happiness and had scintlillating moments hovering around…

Yes the crusaders made this happen !!!

Yes this 1 yr has been such a memorable year that at any time , I wld call this yr as one of the most special years in my life by all means 🙂

Just like how William Wordworth had those daffodils flashing during the autumn part of his life ..

This 1 yr ‘s memories wld simply be ” My feel gud factor ” with tears rolling down my cheek …

Jus one thought that is rumbling in my heart ..

Time ..Let thy needles pass slow

6 more days to go

Want to bask more in the warmth around

Jus dont want this to be time bound !!


images78.jpg                              a-boy-alone.jpg

Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow

Sometimes we must fail in order to know

Sometimes darkness dawns a ray of light

To realise what made our lives more bright

Sometimes we must loose in order to gain

Coz lessons in life are best learnt through pain

Sometimes life takes us into an excruciating bend

Neverthless its just not the end

Pain leaves us a rich legacy to treasure

The beauty of it simply surpasses its measure

Tat unheard voice lingers in the mind

Simply gets triggered  off when we unwind

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